Wife/ Mother/ Expecting November 2014


I'm new to your blog. Would you mind sharing your story?

Asked By: Anonymous


Hello! I don’t mind sharing. I had a normal healthy pregnancy with Ava besides some bleeding in the beginning, other than that there were no complications. I went in for a regular appointment when I was nearly 40 weeks, 4 days away from my due date, to find that there was no heartbeat. She had passed away. I was induced and delivered her on November 5th. We had numerous tests done but nothing was found to be abnormal, we never got an answer as to what went wrong. 

Ava’s birthday is next month, I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it. I always think about her, but lately it’s been pretty bad. I try to stay strong and positive but it can get so damn hard. It honestly feels like I lost her just a few months ago, those memories are so vivid, I’m sure they always will be though. I can’t wait for her brother to finally be here, I wonder if he’ll be born on her birthday… 

My thoughts are with all mothers who’ve experienced the loss of their departed angels!